Key Considerations When Choosing A Marriage Ceremony Venue

Key Considerations When Choosing A Marriage Ceremony Venue

A pair's wedding ceremony day can be one among, if not crucial and special days of their lives, and something that most individuals only plan on doing once. Due to this fact the planning of the big day can be a very intimidating and laborious process that may take months if not years to do.

One of the necessary things to get right when planning a wedding is the venue. There are lots of things to think about before booking a venue comparable to location, capacity, accommodation etc. all of which are very important. Listed here are some of the key things to consider:

The type of venue

Firstly consider the type of surroundings you wish to get married in as there are lots of completely different types of venues available all world wide, to fit your requirements, taste and budget.

Do you wish to exchange your vows in a traditional church? Or would you favor a civil ceremony in an attractive manor house wedding venue or hotel, or perhaps something really grand and particular reminiscent of a historic building or castle?

In case your wedding is in the course of the summer months it's your decision your big day to take place outside or in a marquee or a more unusual location comparable to: on a ship, in a zoo or wildlife park, museum or art gallery, iconic building or tourist attraction.

Number of friends

When choosing your venue you also need to consider your visitor list. How many visitors are you looking to invite to the ceremony and reception? How many would you like to invite to the service, meal and likewise disco afterwards? Would you like a small intimate, romantic ceremony of round 40 of your very closest friends and household or do you've an infinite extended household and group of friends and wish to change your vows in entrance of as many of them as potential?


Consider the place you would like your reception to take place. Do you want your ceremony and reception to take place in one location or travel between the 2? If you need a church wedding this will often imply that you will have to journey from the church to a reception venue. Nonetheless most civil ceremonies can take place in the identical venue as the reception.


When selecting a venue the situation is very important. Many people have emotional attachments to a particular area, whether or not that be where they grew up or close to where they are residing now, maybe even a international country that they particularly love. But you need to additionally consider how far it is away from your friends and family. May you choose a venue shut sufficient that a lot of your visitors wouldn't have to stay in overnight lodging and will get a taxi dwelling? If not, does the venue provide on site lodging or are there enough hotels close by that family and friends might stay at? The situation of the venue also impacts in your night friends: can you expect people to journey for hours just to get to the disco and buffet?

When it comes to making the selections, ultimately it is the glad couples' opinions that matter most but as each married couple knows, you will obtain wedding planning advice from many well meaning family members and friends. It's often advisable to keep a scrapbook (or something similar) with your general vision on your special occasion, to avoid being compromised by different people's opinions and ideas.

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