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rats are running rampant in a new


mission we actually have probably about

as many rats as we do people right now

harassing people and pillaging the

pantry i mean dirty freaking rats

they're invading capture with the help

of their creepy accomplishments what

look at that but i'm right on their tail

and this marauding mafia's reign of fear

is finished nailed your ass




new orleans has been hit hard by

devastating natural disasters like

hurricane katrina as a result lots of

people have lost their homes their


and the city is still rebuilding in the

middle of all this chaos a plague has

moved in in the form of

rats and i'm talking hundreds of them

the new orleans mission which houses and


several hundred people a day has been

threatened with closure if they didn't

get rid of them

nobody's been able to solve the problem

so i'm on my way to see if i can help

out before it's too





loretta yeah billy with vexcon pest

control pleased to meet you

i rushed right over i heard that you're

running a homeless shelter here and


a lot of rat activity in here and you

need something done and done quick

ma'am how many people are you feeding

here i hear quite a commotion there

about 150 to 200 people and we do it

three times a day we actually have

probably about as many rats as we do

people right now

that sounds like a ton of food more than

a ton how many square footage of storage

about 1100 square foot wow it's like a


it is a house let's go check it out all

right places like this mission are vital

for keeping people alive

and off the streets with that many

people relying on loretta i was

determined to get to the bottom of the


this right here is our main dining room

big place i'll be honest with you you

can sit here on any given like evening


yeah and you can literally watch them

running back and forth

in this hallway cause they like my bread

rack so you got rats

zipping down the hallway and this is

where the people are eating right here

but what it is is they try to go to

these two rooms

cause this is where the pantry area is

we actually literally had the health

department come in here

and tell me if you don't fix these rooms

where your food is

then we're going to shut your kitchen

down we're talking about 200 people or


aren't going to eat three times a day

what in the world would these people

have done

if this place closed down quite honestly

there would be some hungry people out


and you know we're in america right now

and nobody should be hungry in america

dirty freaking rats man i mean really

let's continue and i want to show you

another area that isn't sealed off

okay this right here is my warehouse

area and this is where we usually stage

a lot of my donations and my food

right now i've got a halt put on any dry


because this area is not secure we're

also a central location

that a lot of places come to when a

disaster happens

my phone was ringing and they were like

loretta do you have granola bars things

that we can take up there

and i had to actually say well i can

give you some water but that's all i got

for you

and i felt bad about that because

normally i'm somebody that gives to


a lot of jobs i do are for families and

small businesses

but in this case a whole community was


when i went outside i could see more of

why it was so hard to contain

what's this it's a tent area where

actually the people sleep

now this right here is the dumpster area

and like you can be sitting over here in

front of the bunk house

yeah and literally watch the rats damn

run from this port-a-potty to that one

they'll run up underneath the dumpster

plus the other thing is they're coming

from the building right there

i see garbage porta-potties people out

here taking breaks dropping food crumbs

they're obviously gonna come here yeah

it was such a huge area with so many

places for the rats to feed i didn't

know how i was gonna fix

it i really had my work cut out for me

all right is that it that's i've seen it


okay just know i ain't got no money

remember that one don't worry don't even

don't even worry about it i got it i got

it thank you

sure when loretta said she didn't have

any money i gotta tell you it killed me

here she is trying to keep people alive

and she's worrying about

money and getting shut down because of

some nasty rodents not on my watch

i grabbed my gear and got right to work

all right

right here is a pretty good spot look at

this i got a hole down here under the


you see they got to get to that food

fast in the garbage can so they like to

pick out harborage areas and living

areas where they can make that happen


and this is a perfect spot go ahead and

now bait this traffic peanut butter

i chose peanut butter because it sticks

to the trigger pan so well

and the rats really like the smell



oh look at this somebody said a trap


here not good it has to be up against

the wall

rats have poor vision they use walls as


now that's a good set over there it's

against the wall

there's a burrow there and the trap was






that door's a problem look at the

droppings right here that indicates that

we've got fresh activity

that's fresh all right we're gonna go

and set a trap here

i rubbed the little feces into the

peanut butter a little payback

you know what i mean they're always

crapping on our food

i hit all the hot spots inside and then

headed outside

because there's so many people coming

through here i went with a tracking


i blow that into these little holes and

as the rats go in they pick this up and

they take it internally and

that's it man

it really smells here we have two porta

potties here

and all i can smell is rat and i'm not


check this out

that's red man

okay i'm done baiting so i'm gonna leave

and come back tonight once it's dark

that's when the rats are most

active if i hear my trap snapping i know

my plan is working


all right

oh that's a problem i had peanut butter

on that trap

looks like it's not there now

what something's wrong here

oh man that's sick

i'm at the new orleans mission a

homeless shelter that houses and feeds


200 people a day and they have a huge


problem they've been threatened with

closure if they don't fix it but

nobody's been able to catch these rats

and i've just found out why

man that is nasty they are absolutely

hammering that peanut butter first

couple of traps i saw in here i thought

they didn't put bait on it

it was wrong they were putting bait on

it but these american cockroaches are

eating the bait so fast the rats can't

get to it to even set the trap off and

that's a problem

it wasn't just the rats trying to mooch

off loretta but i had a few tricks up my

sleeve to solve this

problem i'm about to set a glue board at

this location

and start catching these damn things

they're a real problem here in louisiana


see like that got one

i'm gonna go ahead and move this trap

onto the glue board there

ah yeah i'm not too worried about uh

catching a rat on the glue board i want

to catch these cockroaches

i decided to check another trap to see

if the peanut butter was missing

all right okay i'm gonna go ahead and

check this trap here let's pull this

bucket out

oh man

no peanut butter no wonder they couldn't

catch these rats

i didn't have enough glue boards to go

around the whole facility but i had


idea as an exterminator i've come across

some clever critters but after 24

years in this business they're never

gonna outsmart me solution to the

problem take these uh three-inch screws


go into the baseboard and we'll just put

some peanut butter right on the tip of

this sucker

cockroaches they're crafty but they're

not gonna be able to walk that tight



the rats will recheck for the peanut

butter on the nail and

bam goodbye rat i got some peanut butter

on some bologna it's going to help stick

to that trigger pan hopefully this will

get them

and the bloney it's going to dry onto

the trigger pan so no roaches can remove



all right i'm gonna go ahead and take

this bologna

wrap the trigger pan here put a little

peanut butter on it too


oh hale that was stripped too

roaches the rats had been protected by

their little roach buddies but

that codependent relationship was about

to end


this is freaking funny right here chico

boy out here

all day long these uh trigger pins have

been stripped like this one here

an old boy right here he got his ass

caught that's funny

are you happy you got caught you are

you're a sick puppy man hey do you know

the secret in life

it's not peanut butter is it

i can't believe he died believe in that

all right let's free him

it's a very serious situation here but

sometimes i gotta cut loose and have fun

the gravity of every job it'd wear yeah


gotta have a sense of humor rats and

roaches are some of the hardest critters

to get rid of so if they want to help me

out by jumping into the traps

they can be my guests all right here we



this place was huge i rebaited all the

mouse traps humane manufacturer inside and then i headed outside

to see how those traps were doing

rats are more active at night and they

were everywhere




i'm outside the mission right now i've

been out here for about 10 minutes and

i've been seeing uh rats running up and

down this wall right here

i've seen five already

as i was walking around a rat made a run

for it inside

but there was no way i was letting him

get away with that



a lot of times when you start moving

stuff around they start running man

i'm at the new orleans mission it's a

homeless shelter that is under the

threat of closure if i don't fix their

rat problem

this place is infested but not for long

i spotted one trying to get inside but i

was hot on his tail

this one


i got a rat right here because he's

putting the hell out

still isn't even

sorry bro 200 people depend on the food

that's stored here you can't go around

and pissing on it it's the end of the

road for you pal let's go

ally you want to go around the corner

real quick you don't want to see this

dude i hate killing things if i don't

have to

but the trap was quick painless and the

situation there was

dire i'm an exterminator after all one


hundreds to go

i returned the next day to check on the


oh excellent excellent and it was a




nailed your ass shouldn't have been

screwing around these parts

well i got one on the back of this

refrigerator here i knew i would it's a

hot spot

saw the droppings with the motor there

it was a no-brainer


god dang that's a big old fat norway rat

right here man he's got a buddy too

oh whoa man

oh boy here he must have saw holmes

get stuck in the trap so he's like not

gonna happen to me man so he reached in

there nice and slow bam got him in the

foot there

i died from a heart attack

this is excellent right here i've caught

a lot of rats using this screw trick

i couldn't believe how many racks i'd

caught it was absolutely overrun

i didn't see any more cockroaches which

was good they were probably just in that

one area

they reached up there to grab that bait

bam another one got screwed

look his tongue's hanging out over there

hope i don't go like that

yeah heading in there scare up the

ladies in the ladies room

not today buddy

oh man really

look at this guy right here really the

men's room you got a kitchen in there



now that's what i'm talking about right

there yes

look at this man carnage everywhere this

dude popping out that hole

that dude popping out that hole hell i

don't know which hole

you came out of

three blind mice see how dumb i'll

joking aside though this was a very

serious area right here we've got a

sleeping quarters over here

this is a dumpster uh port-a-potty's a

shed here

i knew i was gonna get a lot of activity

here so this doesn't surprise me i'm

just happy it worked out finally


do nasty

hmm all right

well i'm starting to feel a little bit

better even though the cockroach has

screwed everything up

look he's part chipmunk this guy's

deteriorating fast out here man

louisiana weather she smells




man i got this all figured out


looks like these two tried to do some

dumpster diving last night

man this bag's getting freaking heavy

but it's the last two i caught

now i need to go let loretta know we

solved the problem purge this entire

property of the rats

it's a bad neighborhood though a lot of

problems out there and eventually some

more rats are gonna move in

so to stay ahead of the game i put some

bait out and tracking powder

when they come in say the next few weeks

they'll find that bait tracking powder

so loretta's gonna be good for a few

months a problem this big

isn't easy to solve i figured out how to

catch them

and with the tracking powder and the

screw traps loretta will be able to get

the ones that may be left behind

and the ones outside now i've just got

to seal all the openings where they're

getting in

and that will keep them out for good

i got a poison in place they chew this

stuff up

i wouldn't recommend it

problem solved i went to give loretta

the good news


hey loretta hey hey how you doing i'm

doing pretty good how are you doing

uh pretty good actually today hey uh

i got some people that won't be joining

it for dinner tonight

that's awesome no i don't all kidding

aside uh

when i got here you were right you did

have a pretty serious problem but we

corrected it i threw

everything i had at him so the dumpster

area is still going to be a problem


yes it's always going to be a problem

with the porta potties the neighborhood

just keep an eye on it i really

appreciate everything that you've done

for us i really do

hey you guys do good work around here

and if you ever need me just give me a

call i'll come out get it all taken care

of okay

all right thank you so much have a great

day you two are right

between the giant rats and the giant

roaches i don't know which one i hate


they're both nasty but i love new


and i really love helping louisiana

folks solve their infestation problem

this is definitely mission accomplished

i'm finally able to grab the gator and

instantly he starts

freaking out he is not happy about being

drug out of this water and wants to

fight me every step of the way

he's heavy