The Big, Bad Alpha Male

Checking her alpha male, it happens

We sing the praises of the alpha male all the time, but where there is light, there is darkness.

The Alpha male is a complicated creature.  They make the best husbands and the worst husbands all in one.  They’re the worst and the best of CEOS.  We love the alpha male because he is rare.  He represents the strongest part of the male species in the animal world, including ours.

He’s protective, successful, a motivator, a leader of the pack, a man amongst men, and so on.  He’s rare.  It’s rare when a man can encompass all these things and still be admired, and not envied.  There’s envy yes, but there’s always a thread of “I wish that was me”.  That is what alpha males do to  other males, make them feel inadequate, angry and displaced.

But the alpha male has secrets, complexities like the alpha female.  He’s not perfect, nor does he want to be.  He likes being the lone wolf.  The list below is about uber-alphas, and does not mean all alphas.   There’s a saying: Be careful what you ask for.  When you get an alpha male, you get the best pickings, but you get the thorns of the rose, too.  Watch yourself.  These men can make you and break you:

1.    An alpha male is continuously being tested to keep his “top dog” status and often deals with this through calculating, manipulative, and dismissive behavior at work, and sometimes at home

2.    An alpha male has a hard time compromising which can lessen his chances of keeping a woman.  If he compromises, it’s usually with a woman he trusts and values her judgement, a rare experience for the alpha male, and he’ll do what he has to, but it’s rare!

3.    An alpha male can be quiet and low key, easy to take it for disinterest; he’s contemplative and will ignore you

4.    An alpha male can be very critical if you don’t live up to his alpha standards, often berating you, to be with an alpha male you have to be poised woman who understands his criticism is really “constructive” (alpha males need to be “checked” now and again but it  takes a certain alpha female counterpart to avoid the tongue lashing that can follow)

5.    An alpha male has some serious secrets, definitely look into his family and past associations, there could be a body somewhere

There’s more but this is a good start.   Most of the great geniuses of the world Einsten, Da Vinci and so on had major vices–women, alcohol, and the like.   It happens.  Finding an alpha male who has some beta qualities like sensitivity and good listening skills doesn’t hurt.  But remember, the more alpha he is, the more alpha you have to be.  Alpha men leave beta women all the time because they can.  When an alpha female is his woman it becomes complicated and convulated.  When it’s time to leave, he’s going to forget what the problem was in the first place.  Do you think Bill Clinton is still with Hillary just for the love?  No.

Without further ado, bait and reel your alpha in–if you dare.

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