It does not come as a surprise that both men and women depend to lying at an extent. It’s just not that obvious because they lie differently and they as well do it for various reasons.

In finding a soulmate or just a partner, most of us, women especially, are very vocal about wanting an honest partner. If you’re one of those people who keeps on asking “how can I find love if I lie?” or “how do I find true love if I lie?” is this what you really wanted? Can you really keep a relationship going if you’re honest every single time?

Let’s try one situation. Supposing it’s the very first time you went home with a girl you met through expat dating and you totally made an effort to clean your house especially your bedroom. You feel proud with what you’ve done that you ask her what she thinks about the house and she replies with something unpleasant. But then both of you manage to get over the awkwardness of the situation and start kissing and then you joke about your penis’ size. Instead of hearing the usual comforting reply from her, you get a short story of how huge his ex’s penis is.

This situation should have given you an idea of what difference a simple lie can make. The fact is a bunch of little lies can do a lot to help you in keeping your relationship with your partner healthy. For this reason, questions like “how can I find love if I lie?” or “how do I find true love if I lie?” should no longer bother you.

For a happy relationship, you have to master the art of lying convincingly. The key to a convincing lie is to figure out what she expects to hear.

  1. Avoid mentioning anything about your sexual history, most importantly when it’s something really good. When you do, she will think that you still think about your ex. Whenever she asks about how good sex with you ex-girlfriend was, tell her a little lie by saying that it wasn’t that good at all.
  2. Always reassure your girlfriend that she is beautiful that way you make her feel more confident about herself. If there is something that you don’t like about her look, say it in a subtle way that she does not get upset about it.
  3. It’s a known fact that women are a lot more sensitive than men. Avoid hurting her feeling by being careful in saying things about people especially about her family. 

All in all, it’s not a good thing to lie. However, you don’t get to have a choice if it’s about women. A little white lie doesn’t hurt as long as it is said simple to reassure others. Moreover, lying is not only helpful to relationships but it can also be as beneficial when your still in the process of finding a soulmate or when you are into expat dating. If questions like “how can I find love if I lie?” and “how do I find true love if I lie?” still bother you, know that in finding a soul mate or being into dating such as blind or expat dating, not knowing when to say the truth and when to lie lower your chances of getting the girl.