Chandelier Facts

Chandelier Facts

Chandeliers are both luxurious and lavish, adding a contact of class to a room. They look best in a room the place they can be admired by visitors with loads of house to show off its true beauty. Listed here are some info about chandeliers that will improve your knowledge on these beautiful lighting fixtures:

· 'Chandelier' appeared within the English language in the 14th Century.

· The earliest candle chandeliers date back to medieval occasions and were made from wood with spikes for the candles to sit in. The entire fixture was secured and hung by way of a rope or chain which was suspended from a hook.

· In the fifteenth century chandeliers grew to become more advanced and designs have been based on rings or crowns. Night time lighting was pricey and was symbolic of luxurious and high status.

· Come the 18th century chandeliers became ornate with long curvy arms with candles widespread in lots of merchant class homes.

· The nineteenth century noticed the production of branch ceiling fixtures. Many candle chandeliers were transformed to gas chandeliers and from the 1890s with the development of electricity - fixtures wholly powered by electricity have been the standard.

· One of the most well-known chandeliers is the chandelier in the Opera Garnier which is crashed by the Phantom within the 1910 novel 'The Phantom of the Opera' by Gaston Leroux.

· The bobeche is the dish which the candle sits in; it is designed to catch any wax drips and is known also because the drip pan.

· A festoon is a set of glass drops or beads which drape down or across a glass chandelier.

· Venetian is a type of glass from the island of Murano in Venice, however this word can also be used to describe a chandelier of Venetian style.

· Crystal chandeliers are a well-liked selection as they refract the light from the light bulbs within the centre of the chandelier, making a rainbow of different colours. (This only happens with clear bulbs)

· Vintage chandeliers may be heavier than normal chandeliers as they are made from brass.

· Chandelier set up must be completed by a professional to make sure it stays up for life, and reduces the risk of the fixture falling and inflicting an accident.

Chandeliers are a real thing of beauty and there are a lot of to choose from; from small to giant and black chrome to crystal. They make a difference out of your regular fashionable table lamp so why not consider one in your house?

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